SKR 1.3 Configuration

SKR 1.3 Setup Guide and Documentation

This setup guide is the result of many contributions from the community. It is meant to take over from where the V2.x structural manual ended and take you through to your first test print and cereal submittal.

Please read the guide carefully, there are many details that seem trivial but are included because of one or more people got stuck at these points. We as a community want to make sure that you have the best experience possible and learn from our mistakes. If you find a something confusing and would like clarification, that likely means someone else in the past or future will also find it difficult. Please reach out to me and I will gladly update the document.

The configuration file is a universal configuration file. This means that it will require some more attention to detail for you to fill out the last 1% of the config file for your specific use case. This is on purpose so that you have a working understanding of the configuration file and know how to solve issues down the road. Paired with the setup guide, you should have (nearly) all the information you need. Please always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or find a mistake, this file lives on Github as a living document so that everyone can keep track of the revisions that have been made!


SKR 1.3 Setup Guide.pdf